Entry Inspirations

Working on a new client’s entry and found some great pics that I thought I would share….

Very inviting!

Bright and fresh

Nice symmetry


The pink is probably my favorite but not all could do it. Something tells me my client’s husband probably wouldn’t go for that! :)Robin

Favorite Finds: Mansour Modern Rugs

The right rug can make any room! I had the opportunity to see first hand the line of rugs that I have been ogling over for months – Mansour Modern. Pick up any shelter mag and you are likely to spy one of these great additions to any room.

Fox and Riddle: Mansour Modern trunk show

Textural transitional

I loved this French blue,  driftwood gray and cream circles! Could be the  perfect touch of mod to a traditional bedroom. Dallas interior designers David Cadwallader, Kathy Adcock- Smith and Kay Troutt brought this fabulous line of rugs to town for a two-day trunk show last week.

Fox and Riddle: Mansour Modern trunk show

Mansour Modern's Ben Soleimani

Previously known for their antique rugs and carpets,  Mansour Modern has developed a modern alternative that is full of fabulous pattern and texture. The creative force behind the design is Ben Soleimani – current proprietor in this family run business.

Fox and Riddle: Mansour Modern trunk show

Modern texture and pattern

Contact us if you would like to know more about these wonderful rugs or  would like the perfect one to give new life to any room!


Travel Tales: New York’s “Design on a Dime”

Fox and Riddle: Housing Works "Design on a Dime" party

Check out this fun girl's room we spotted at the "Design on a Dime" party in New York!

Fox and Riddle: Housing Works "Design on Dime" party

Housing Works “Design on a Dime” opening night party

Unexpected travels are the best! Maybe it’s not having the time to worry too much about all the things you have to do before you leave….     Last week,  Ann & I went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to New York! We went with our friends Lisa Robison and Kim Turner, the incredible forces behind Dwell with Dignity. (If you don’t already know about DwD please check out their website dwellwithdignity.org and look for our upcoming post about one of their latest projects.)                                                               Our mission for the trip: to check out the opening party for the “Design on a Dime” fundraising event for New York’s Housing Works(a non-profit that supports the development of housing for formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS). The event recruits an assortment of some of the best designers and retail stores in the New York area to create eye-catching vignettes. They showcase furniture and accessories that are then sold off at bargain prices to raise money for the charity’s many projects.

Fox and Riddle: Housing Works "Design on a Dime" party

Clever spot for cooling off!

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Witty dining room!

Among the many designers involved were Charlotte Moss, Nathan Turner, and Laura Kirar just to name a few. A few television celebrities and their lines were spotted as well.

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Ty Pennington for Sears

One of our favorite vignettes was a Moroccan inspired  dining vignette designed by the clothing/home furnishings company Calypso.

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Love the blue and white with a pop of orange!

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Kim and Lisa

So fun to be in New York, attend an inspiring and worthwhile event, and get to spend time with friends!!



Gotta Go Get : Aquamarine Accessories

Fox and Riddle: Pottery Barn aquamarine mercury glass votive

Aquamarine mercury glass votive

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to freshen up your accessories with a powerful pop of color. Look at these fabulous aquamarine votives I found at Pottery Barn for only $6.50 each . I was tempted to buy all that they had….. (but I left a few for you!).

Fox and Riddle: Pottery Barn Vintage Inspired Aqua Bottles

Vintage inspired aqua bottles

Another find(also at Pottery Barn) were these vintage inspired aqua bottles. These range from $12.00 to $24.00. I recently saw some wonderful originals in one of my favorite design shops that were $95.00 to $200. I think these are pretty cute for the price.

Fox and Riddle: Mann party prep

Party Prep with Aquamarine

Last weekend I had great fun helping one of my client’s prep for a family party to celebrate an 85th and 90th birthday!  Here, I used some of these bargain finds to add to their own collection of aquamarine vases. I added white ranunculus blooms for a little softness.

Fox and Riddle: Natural bone stool

Color Pop!

I added another Spring bouquet to our favorite bone side table. See what life the aquamarine gives it!  Keep in touch as we post more pics of our present projects.

Spring is here and it’s all about color!



Take a memo: This board isn’t boring!

One of my favorite ways to add clever detail to a bedroom or office space is with a memo board. It’s an inexpensive way to get some fabric and texture on your walls. Plus, by artfully displaying favorite pics, clippings, invitations, etc., it serves to tell a story about yourself.

fox + riddle orange office memo board

First, think about where you would like to put one(or two!). Think out of the box on this one. Over a desk or a chest of drawers…. but what about in the panels of a closet door or the back of a shelf. A perfect way to liven up something ordinary

fox+riddle kitchen desk memo board

Kitchen memo board

fox + riddle closet memo boardfox + riddle closet memo board detail

showhouse memo board