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Travel Tales: New York’s “Design on a Dime”

Fox and Riddle: Housing Works "Design on a Dime" party

Check out this fun girl's room we spotted at the "Design on a Dime" party in New York!

Fox and Riddle: Housing Works "Design on Dime" party

Housing Works “Design on a Dime” opening night party

Unexpected travels are the best! Maybe it’s not having the time to worry too much about all the things you have to do before you leave….     Last week,  Ann & I went on a spur-of-the-moment trip to New York! We went with our friends Lisa Robison and Kim Turner, the incredible forces behind Dwell with Dignity. (If you don’t already know about DwD please check out their website and look for our upcoming post about one of their latest projects.)                                                               Our mission for the trip: to check out the opening party for the “Design on a Dime” fundraising event for New York’s Housing Works(a non-profit that supports the development of housing for formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS). The event recruits an assortment of some of the best designers and retail stores in the New York area to create eye-catching vignettes. They showcase furniture and accessories that are then sold off at bargain prices to raise money for the charity’s many projects.

Fox and Riddle: Housing Works "Design on a Dime" party

Clever spot for cooling off!

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Witty dining room!

Among the many designers involved were Charlotte Moss, Nathan Turner, and Laura Kirar just to name a few. A few television celebrities and their lines were spotted as well.

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Ty Pennington for Sears

One of our favorite vignettes was a Moroccan inspired  dining vignette designed by the clothing/home furnishings company Calypso.

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Love the blue and white with a pop of orange!

Fox and Riddle:Housing Works"Design on a Dime" party

Kim and Lisa

So fun to be in New York, attend an inspiring and worthwhile event, and get to spend time with friends!!



Tasty Tuesdays – Santa Fe Gourmet

Fox + Riddle | Santa Fe Gourmet

What a remarkable week in Santa Fe! My longtime high school friend and NYC fashion guru, Cynthia OʼConnor, have begun a tradition of getting our families together for holiday times in different locales.

We went for a week of gallery strolling, house hunting ( what a great hobby – it never hurts to look! ), game playing and general relaxation. It turned into a ski week infused with marvelous gourmet dining thrown in and a great deal of design inspiration.

Traveling epicureans: Cynthia and I have been cooking up fresh, unusual feasts since our time as early Dallas retailers in the 80ʼs. One stop at the local Whole Foods was an inspiration for several dinners – especially our New Yearʼs Eve Lemon Garlic Hens with Seared Sweet Peppers.

Fox + Riddle | Sante Fe Food

I am known amongst friends for photographing memorable meals – some of my best travel memories incorporate the dining experiences! Among this weekʼs Best of Show was the Cornbread (Native American style) BLT at Pasqualʼs. The brown sugar roasted bacon, heirloom tomatoes and arugula changed my life.

Fox + Riddle | Santa Fe Food

Pomegranate seeds became the staple of the week, topping the accompanying salad adding a tasty tang.

A stop at Tecolote cafe, a localʼs dinner with quintessential New Mexican cuisine proved to be amazing. The Huevos Yucatecos were crazy delicious: the requisite green chile sauce covered eggs beans and posole. Grilled bananas are a perfect sweet contrast to the roasted chiles.
What an inspirational and delicioso trip!